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5 Healthy Habits To Share With Your Family

Good health does not occur as a sudden understanding of what keeps people healthy. Rather, it is habits individuals engage in on a daily basis.

If you want to instill healthy habits in your children that will last a lifetime, start exemplifying these measures yourself and have your kids join in them with you. These group activities will become a part of their memories of family life and will help them to continue healthy habits as they move into their adulthood and have their own families. Here are few strategies you can implement today to ensure your children are healthy throughout their lives.

1 - Healthy Eating

Americans have such a broad range of food choices that it's often hard to stay on track with a healthy diet. But what you eat can directly affect your ability to avoid diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

Healthy eating should include plenty of green, leafy vegetables, lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, legumes, brown rice or pasta and healthy oils, such as canola or olive oil. Snack on popcorn or whole wheat crackers. Sugary sweets should only be an occasional treat and only in minimal amounts. Instead, enjoy fruits in their natural form, mixed in with yogurt or baked into sugar-free and fat-free recipes. Avoid consuming processed foods that are often high in sugar, fat, and salt. Even small children can understand the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Your leadership will help your entire family to choose to eat those foods to contribute to good health.

2 - Exercising As A Group

Make exercise a part of your family's daily routine, with walking, running, bicycling or ball games, done as a group.

Join a gym that has children's programs so you can all go together. Schedule trips to the beach for swimming and volleyball games. Spend the afternoon at the local park, playing softball. Limit the amount of computer and TV time for children, which keeps them indoors and on the couch. Be on the lookout for community events that will help to get everyone outdoors and moving that you can attend together.

3 - Encouraging Regular Physical Exams

Children have to get regular physical exams for school. However, they may see Mom and Dad avoiding this simple way to ensure good health.

Men, in particular, often avoid seeing the doctor for small ailments and may dismiss annual physicals altogether. In this respect, fathers can have a profound impact on their children's health and lives by getting regular physical examinations and engaging in daily activities to maintain good health.

4 - Good Dental Care

Regular dental care is also a part of maintaining good health.

Teeth-cleaning procedures, done twice each year, remove the bacteria linked to cardiovascular disease. When parents actively take care of their own teeth, they help their children to learn this important area of self-care that not only affects their appearance but also their general health.

5 - Dealing With Stress

Stress is a normal feature of everyday life, but research shows it can have a direct impact on your health in many ways.

When you teach your children to deal with daily stress, you give an important tool they can use throughout their lives. Teach your kids how to recognize signs of stress, whether from academic pressure, social pressures or self-imposed demands. Stress can demonstrate as general anxiety, worrying, overeating, sleep problems or inability to concentrate. Explain how stress can affect their health and educate them on ways to relieve it, such as exercising, meditating, prayer or engaging in relaxing hobbies. This information can be helpful for them as they grow and enter adult life.

Healthy habits are not difficult to instill and are shown to make a significant difference in the risk for disease. Also, children are more likely to retain these good habits as they grow up and begin to live on their own.

If you want to ensure your children's health throughout their lives, take the time to share these actions as a family. They will remember your commitment to good health and will implement it in their own families in the years to come.

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